Boat Rental

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Boat Rental

Our boat is currently unavailable; however, there is a company in New Smyrna that rents pontoon boats.  Their brochure is below:

Kayak rental is also available from Lagoon Bait and Tackle.


We have a boat that you can rent if you don't have your own that you can use on Mosquito Lagoon.  It can be used for fishing, shrimping, or just boating around.  You could even boat over to a waterfront restaurant.  It is a 14' aluminum boat with a 9.9 hp outboard motor.  It also has oars if you are not comfortable with the motor.  You must be at least 25 years old to rent the boat.  It is stored on rails next to the canal.  It is fairly simple to use the winch to lower the boat into the water or pull it back up on the rails when you are finished using the boat.




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